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Welcome to my USVI post. I can tell you from now USVI is one place that you have to visit.

Two of the most-visited destinations in the Caribbean, the US and British Virgin Islands. Due to covid the British Virgin Islands borders were close. In order to visit you must quarantine for 14 days on there island. With the timeframe my husband and I had we stick to the USVI. Everything we expected and more white sand beaches, excellent diving and snorkeling, turquoise crystal-clear water, scenic hiking, lots of boating opportunities, and heavily poured rum drinks.

Covid guidlines: You must have a negative covid test before arrival and a travel approval from the island. The website to do so is It is a travel screening you must follow 5 days before departure to the islands and to board your flight.

Upon arrival you are greeted with amazing island dancers the carnival way. It was such a delighted and fun greeting to welcome all guest arriving to the islands. I hope you all enjoy the welcome just as we did.

My husband and I rented a AIRBNB by Magens bay overviewing the USVI. We also rented a Jeep wrangler to get us around the islands. You are allow to take the vehicle to st.john as well on the ferry.

The views all across St. Thomas was amazing. Every corner you turn you see another view of another island across the way. You can see the British Islands and St.John and smaller surrounding islands from St. Thomas.

We spend 10 days on the islands and it was an incredible time. There is a fascinating number of things to do on the islands — life here is not all hammocks and piña coladas. From festivals to diving to strenuous hiking trails to hidden tide pools, each of the islands in the area has plenty to offer to keep you busy. If a full day at the beach isn’t your thing.

ST.JOHN - Trunks Bay

Drone Footage of Trunks Bay

Every Instagram influencer and Traveler dream. This view of Trunk Bay incredible. In order to get to trunk bay you have to pass this scenic spot on the way and its one view you do not want to miss.

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